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Satellite Update - Sept. 16, 2011

From FCC Report SAT-00806:

  • • The FCC has granted SES Americom authority to construct, launch and operate SES-2 at 87 degrees west longitude (WL) using conventional C- and Ku-band frequencies to provide fixed satellite services (FSS), direct-to-home services and relay of data from the CHIRP hosted payload. The FCC allowed SES Americom to construct and launch the satellite (which has operating capability in the 24.75-25.25 GHz Earth-to-space and 17.3-17.8 GHz space-to-Earth frequency bands). However, the organization has not sought authority to operate, and is not authorized to operate the 17/24 GHz BSS payload at 87 degrees WL. Further, this does not convey SES Americom any status under the FCC's "first-come, first-served" processing framework with respect to this payload.
  • • SES Americom was granted special temporary authority (STA) for 30 days to perform in-orbit testing of the SES-2 space station at 77.25 degrees east longitude (EL) commencing 12 days after the launch of SES-2 using conventional C- and Ku- band frequencies and telemetry, tracking and telecommand in both C- and Ku-bands to support testing operations and to effect SES-2's drift to its authorized location at 87 degrees WL.