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Satellite Update – March 24, 2011

Information on these actions is from FCC Report SAT-00765:

 - EchoStar Corporation requested special temporary authority (STA) to continue to provide DBS service on EchoStar 15 at 61.55 degrees west longitude (WL) using channels 23 and 24. EchoStar said it will continue to comply with the conditions set forth in the original STA allowing these operations. STA is requested for a period of 180 days, the maximum time allowed for STA. From FCC Report SAT-00766.

 - Orange Range Communications was granted STA for 180 days, commencing on April 2, 2011, to continue operation of terrestrial stations in the 2483.5 to 2495 MHz band. Note that this band is also used by TV stations with 2 GHz broadcast auxiliary service licenses with “grandfathered” authorization to use 2 GHz channel A10.

 - Dish Operating LLC received STA to operate EchoStar 7 at 118.8 degrees WL providing DBS service on channels 1-21 for 180 days.

 - The FCC International Bureau's Satellite Division granted Iridium Satellite LLC STA for seven days, commencing March 19, 2011, to test and then operate its mobile-satellite service using the 1616.0 to 1617.775 MHz band on a non-harmful interference basis.