Satellite Update

The FCC granted, with conditions, PanAmSat License Corp.'s request to continue operating the PAS-9 satellite, known commercially as PAS -5 or Intelsat-5 at 26.15 degrees east longitude until Sept. 30, 2008. DG Consents, Sub Inc. was allowed to reduce the number of satellites in its Earth Exploration Satellite Service system from four to two. These satellites operate in the 8025-8400 MHz band.

DirecTV Enterprises LLC withdrew its application to move DirecTV 8(D) from 100.75 degrees west longitude to 100.85 degrees WL, upon relocation of DirecTV 1R. The FCC determined EchoStar Satellite Operating Corp. met the Construction Design Review milestone associated with Ka-band satellite call sign, S2636, to be located at 113 degrees WL. The information is from FCC Report SAT-00408.