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Satellite Update

The FCC accepted applications from EchoStar Satellite Operating Corp. to modify its authorizations to operate a geostationary extended Ku-band satellite at 109 degrees west longitude (WL) and a geostationary Ka-band satellite at 113 degrees WL to specify tracking, telemetry and command (TT&C) frequencies for the satellites. For 109 degree WL authorization, EchoStar specified 13,752 MHz, 13,998 MHz, 11,452 MHz and 11,698 MHz. At the 113 degree WL location, the specified TT&C frequencies are 28,352 MHz, 28,598 MHz, 18,302 MHz and 18,798 MHz. See FCC Report SAT-00325 for more information on these applications and an application from ICO Satellite Services to change the assigned orbital location of its 2 GHz MSS satellite at 91 degrees WL to 93 degrees WL. ICO also requested authority to use C-band spectrum for command and telemetry purposes for a brief period after launch when the satellite is being moved to its assigned location.

The FCC granted the PanAmSat License Corp. application to modify its authorization to operate C-band GALAXY-12 at 125.05 degrees WL on a temporary basis to specify operation at 125.15 degrees WL while transferring traffic from GALAXY 14 and then to move the satellite to the 125.25 degree WL location where it will serve as an in-orbit C-band spare. GALAXY 12 was originally assigned to the 74 degree WL orbital location. SES Americom was granted special temporary authority (STA) to conduct in-orbit testing of the AMC-23 satellite at 170.0 degrees WL and, upon completion of the test, to drift AMC-23 to its assigned location at 172.0 degrees E.L. For details see FCC Report SAT-00327.

The ITU has adopted new fees for satellite filings. See the FCC Public Notice (DA-261656) for details. Publication of amateur-satellite assignments; notification of assignments for specific earth stations; conversion of an Appendix 30B allotment into an assignment per Section I, Article 6 of Appendix 30B; and new allotment for a new Member State of the ITU per Article 7 of Appendix 30B are exempt from processing charges.