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Satellite Update

PanAmSat requested an extension of 180 days of its special temporary authority (STA) to operate Galaxy 3R at 73.95 degrees west longitude (WL). The FCC designated DIRECTV Enterprises' application to reassign the DIRECTV 8 satellite from 100.85 degrees WL to 100.75 degrees WL as "permit-but-disclose" for the purpose of the Commission's rules regarding ex parte communications. The FCC said this will facilitate resolution of the complex technical issues raised by the application. For additional information, see FCC Report SAT-00322.

The FCC granted, with conditions, DIRECTV Enterprises' application for an extension of the launch milestone date for its authorization to construct, launch and operate its SPACEWAY 2 Ka-band fixed satellite service (FSS) satellite at 99.2 degrees WL to December 25, 2005. SPACEWAY 2 is authorized to use the 18.365-18.53, 18.57-18.735, 19.7-20.2, 28.36-28.525, 29.26-29.425 and 29.5-30.0 GHz frequency bands. DIRECTV was also granted STA to relocate DIRECTV 2 from 100.8 degrees WL: to 100.6 degrees WL to facilitate transfer of traffic from DIRECTV 2 to DIRECTV 8. Once traffic is transferred, the main communications payload on DIRECTV 2 will be shut down. For more information, see FCC Report SAT-00323.

The FCC declared the Ka-band satellite system authorization issued to CyberStar Licensee LLC null and void after CyberStar failed to meet the construction and launch milestones for the satellites in its Ka-band system authorization. FCC Order DA 05-2526 said the 93 degree WL and 115 degree WL orbital locations and associated 18.55-18.8, 19.7-20.2, 28.35-28.6 and 29.5-30.0 GHz frequency assignments are now available for reassignment.

While outside the scope of broadcast and communications related satellite news normally reported in this section, readers may find the DigitalGlobe Inc. Remote-Sensing Satellite System Order and Authorization interesting for its discussion of the spectrum used by the system.