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Satellite Update

SES Americom has requested permission to transfer its license for AMC-23 to GE International Holdings in a transaction that would result in GE International Holdings being wholly owned by subsidiaries of General Electric Co. SES Americom notified the FCC a year ago that the hybrid C/Ku-band satellite AMC-23 was operational at 172 degrees east longitude. In a separate filing, SES Americom requested authority to provide Direct Broadcast Satellite services to the United States from USAT-S1 which is located at 105.5 degrees west longitude. This satellite is licensed by Gibraltar. This information is from FCC Report SAT-00422 and IBFS.

In Report SAT-00423, the FCC stated the International Bureau determined that EchoStar Satellite Operating Corporation met the Design Review milestones associated with authorization file number SAT-LOA-20031211-00350. This authorization covers a satellite located at 109 degrees WL operating in the fixed satellite service and direct-to-home fixed satellite service using the extended Ku-band (10.95 to 11.2 GHz and 11.45 to 11.7 GHz downlink with the uplink using 13.75 to 14.0 GHz).