Satellite Update

New ICO Satellite Services, G.P. surrendered the modification of its reservation of spectrum to add a geostationary satellite to its 2 GHz mobile satellite system at 114.75 degrees west longitude. It was authorized to operate Ka-band feeder links at this location using the 29.25-30.0 GHz (space-to-Earth) and 18.55-18.8, 19.7-20.2 GHz (Earth-to-space) frequencies. These frequencies at 114.75 degrees WL are now available for reassignment. Virtual Geosatellite, LLC surrendered its license to construct a non-geostationary satellite orbit (NGSO) fixed satellite service system in the Ku-band.

As previously described in RF Report, this would have provided satellite connectivity without the latency present with geostationary satellites. Now that Virtual Geosatellite LLC has surrendered its license, the FCC said "a number of licensees could potentially share the available spectrum. Accordingly, the NGSO FSS Ku-band spectrum has been, and remains, open to applications that will be processed under the Commission's first-come, first-served processes."

The FCC granted XM Radio, Inc. special temporary authority to operate one terrestrial repeater with a power level less than 2 kW EIRP at weekly PGA Tour events through July 2007. The FCC said that the issue concern EIRP raised by the WCS Coalition would be addressed as part of the rulemaking pending in IB Docket 95-91.

This information is from FCC Report SAT-00420.

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