Satcom selects Scopus DSNG encoder

Satcom has selected Scopus Network Technologies’ Codico E-1720 DSNG encoder for its Satcom easylink service.

The service was launched in November 2004 throughout Europe for the rapidly expanding mobile digital satellite transmission market. The Scopus encoder was selected after extensive field-tests conduced by Satcom throughout Germany and Austria with German Television Channel II (ZDF), Hessischer Rundfunk (HR), and SAT.1/Pro7.

With the E-1720, Satcom is offering small, fully remote-controlled satellite systems for mounting on the roofs of cars and small vans. Equipped with its own remote control transmitting and receiving technology, every ENG team is now able to deliver programs from almost anywhere in Europe.

The system is made possible by the use of telemetry that does not require an SNG operator on location. The E-1720 combines encoding, modulation, and upconversion in a compact 1RU unit to maximize space utilization.

The E-1720 comes embedded with L-band output as well as L-band monitoring to provide various satellite modulation schemes. It includes ultra-low-latency mode, variable GOP, BISS-CA, DVB scrambling, and built-in multiplexing capabilities, all in a rugged, user-friendly unit to ensure the highest picture quality with steady low-power consumption.

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