Samsung Sees Possible LCD Shortage

Samsung Electronics (opens in new tab) said global LCD market sales may be down in the first half of 2007 due to what it calls "seasonal factors," but it also predicts a surge in demand in the third and fourth quarters of next year that could lead to a possible shortage of product in some regions.

Lee Sang-wan, president of Samsung's LCD business, in a press conference last weekend in South Korea, did not elaborate on his apparently offhand mention of a possible shortage, according to Reuters.

Lee said the company was also targeting its newest production line (in a joint venture with Sony) to begin operations a few months ahead of its planned October 2007 startup. If this proves true, Samsung's eighth generation LCD line could be an applicable factor for the holiday shopping season a year from now.

The next-gen line will generate more glass panels cut from larger substrates, providing up to eight 46-inch panels per substrate.