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Samsung, Microsoft Pair Up for HD Xbox

Microsoft has chosen Samsung Electronics (opens in new tab) as its HD partner for the next generation of the Xbox HD gaming platform. Calling their new marketing campaign the "HD Era," both companies say the new Xbox will permit the most realistic HD gaming environment available anywhere.

Many retail stores will feature a pairing of a 23-inch Samsung LCD monitor with the next-generation Xbox console to enable a pixel switching speed of 12 milliseconds for gaming action sequences at virtually no noticeable artifacting. More than 25,000 Xbox kiosks will be assembled at retail outlets worldwide.

Other Samsung screens of variable sizes--plasma DLP, slim-fit CRT, and LCD--all can be used with the new Xbox. This is believed to be the first time that a consumer products manufacturer will be exclusively tied into a marketing campaign with the Xbox. The companies' marketing push will include television, print, online, point-of-sale and cinema ads.