Samsung exec predicts rapid shift to full HD in expanding LCD industry

Samsung executive vice president Souk Jun Hyung told an audience at the Flat Panel Display International 2006, in Yokohama, Japan, that the greatest effects of future TV development will be felt in the area of full-HD content as well as with the media and players capable of delivering such content.

The large-screen TV segment is expanding at an explosive rate, where full HD is becoming an essential element of performance, Souk said. Therefore, industry leadership will require a commitment to advanced devices that can reproduce their visual content in full 2 million-pixel HD.

Souk also announced that the firm’s new eighth-generation production line would be capable of creating eight 46in panels or six 52in panels from a single glass substrate measuring 2200mm by 2500mm. The line will be able to process 50,000 glass substrates a month, or the equivalent of 3.6 million 52in panels annually. Production startup is slated for October 2007.

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