Samsung ‘Educates’ Viewers Online on Blu-ray

Samsung has reserved a new corner of its Web site to “educating” consumers about Blu-ray Disc and all its wonders, and answering questions (which apparently it poses itself) about the difference between Blu-ray and standard DVD.

As far as upconverting from DVD quality to HD, the Blu-ray products manufacturer says in its new Blu-ray “resource center” that an upconverting DVD player (which is typically less expensive than a Blu-ray unit), while being “a great way to extend the life of a standard-definition DVD collection … should not be confused with true high-definition.”

Despite different levels of upconversion that tend to trick the human eye into seeing sharper images that are sharper but are not in fact HD, Samsung says upconversion cannot create detail out of whole cloth. “When film is transferred to standard-definition DVD, any details too fine to be captured in 345,600 pixels are lost forever,” the company said. “Even the most advanced video processors in the world can’t bring those lost details back from their digital afterlife.”