Samsung Creates AI Codec to Support 8K Content

SEOUL—Samsung has announced that it has developed a new artificial intelligence codec that will aid the delivery of 8K content to consumers, AI ScaleNet.

Created by Samsung Research, the R&D hub of Samsung Electronics’ SET Business, AI ScaleNet enables the delivery of 8K content on networks that are typically only able to support 4K speeds. It does this by utilizing deep learning technology to minimize data loss during compression, allowing for the 8K content to be streamed on networks with lower bandwidth capabilities.

Samsung says that the process is done by compressing the 8K content to 4K quality through an AI downscaler and transmitted to the user’s TV, which uses AI to upscale the content back to 8K quality.

In addition, AI ScaleNet deals with bandwidth limitations within modern network infrastructures with an adaptive AI codec, which can adapt to various bandwidths and adjust the resolution for seamless streaming, accroding to Kwangpyo Choi, a researcher on Samsung Research’s Visual Technology team.

Samsung claims that the AI ScaleNet codec is best suited to work with OTT services.

“To enhance people’s viewing experiences, technologies that support the best possible picture quality at minimum bandwidth, such as AI ScaleNet, should be continuously researched and developed,” said Choi.

Choi and his colleagues at Samsung plan to research and develop additional functionalities for the technology to add to users’ conveniences.