SADiE ships large-scale multitrack digital audio workstation

The SADiE PCM-H64 is a large-scale multirack digital audio workstation designed for post and music applications. Part of the SADiE Series 5 line, the fully modular PCM-H64 has sufficient bandwidth for DSD mastering, mixing into full surround of up to 64 channels of 48kHz/24-bit audio, or up to 16 channels at 192kHz/24-bit. The unit uses the SADiE TNG3 processor.

Input/output options include analog, digital and MADI at standard or higher sample rates. Up to four cards can coexist in the same system, providing 12 Gflops of DSP power in a single computer dedicated to processing audio.

The hardware will be supported by the SADiE V5.3 software, providing multitrack editing, edit group selection, interface to the Yamaha mixer range, 9-pin slave functionality, improved AVI video support (including direct editing of the video stream, and full compliancy with AAF V1.2, including the Edit Protocol.

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