Saddleback Church upgrades main worship facility to HD

Saddleback Church, in Lake Forest, CA, has added an assortment of Fujinon HD lenses as part of a major HD upgrade for its main worship facility.

San Diego, CA-based broadcast systems integrator TV Magic engineered the installation, which replaced 15-year-old analog equipment with a digital infrastructure and HD-capable production systems.

Saddleback Church chose three Fujinon HA42x13.5BERD Premier Series Stabilized Super Telephoto ENG Style lens, one HA25x16.5BERD Premier Series Super Telephoto ENG Style lens with servo zoom and focus, one ZA17x7.6BERM Select Series Standard ENG Style HD lens and one ZA12x4.5 Select Series Super Wide-Angle ENG/EFP with 2x range extender. The lenses are mounted on six Sony HDC-1400 HD portable studio cameras and a PDW-700 XDCAM HD camcorder.

The lenses are positioned a significant distance from the stage in the worship facility and were ultimately chosen for their ability to capture crisp HD images and provide close-up shots of the pastor.