Sachtler offers fluid heads for HDV camcorders

Sachtler is offering two new fluid heads designed specifically for MiniDV and HDV camcorders. The Sachtler FSB 2 is designed to accept payloads up to 4.4lbs, while the FSB 6 supports 2.2lbs to 13.2lbs.

The camera support heads offer lightweight cameras the same smooth pan-and-tilt movement found on larger, heavy-duty tripod heads. Both the FSB 2 and FSB 6 have three dampening steps in both pan and tilt directions as well as a zero setting, which deactivates dampening.

The FSB 2 features a two-step counterbalance system; the FSB 6 has a 10-step counterbalance system. Both have a tilt range of +90 degrees to –70 degrees. The fluid heads use Sachtler’s patented Snap & Go Sideload camera plate attachment system for quick transition from tripod to handheld operation.

The system offers more than 4.5in in sliding range, allowing the operator to center the camera system’s center of gravity on the head. The FSB 6 can also be delivered with Sachtler’s classic Touch & Go camera plate.

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