Sachtler Offers Camera Support for Sony PMW Cameras

SHELTON, CONN. —Sachtler offers support accessories for the new Sony PMW-F5 and PMW-F55 CineAlta 4K image sensor cameras.

The modular design makes set-ups in an array of weight classes possible, and Sachtler offers fluid head tripod systems to match the configuration possibilities. The Video 18 S1, Video 20 S1, Cine 7+7 HD and Cine 30 HD are compatible with Sony F5 and F55 projects.

According to the payload requirement of their set-ups, F5 and F55 filmmakers can choose either the Video 18 S1 (4-40 lbs /2-18 kg) or the Video 20 S1 (4-55 lbs /2-25 kg). Users can equip cameras minimally (9-11 lbs /4-5 kg) or with heavy lenses, handgrips, a matte box, monitors and other accessories.

Both fluid heads come with the Sachtler Speedbalance technology and the Boost Button. With the 16-step counterbalance, the camera set-up can be balanced precisely and instantly, the company says. In order to align even extremely front or back heavy camera configurations so that the C.O.G. is directly above the pivot point of the head, Sachtler has developed the 150mm long C.O.G. Plate, which can be used with the Video 18 S1 as well as the Video 20 S1.

If a complex set-up has to be mounted on the tripod system, the sideload mechanism of the Sachtler Cine 7+7 HD fluid head enables the user to mount and remove the complete camera set-up from the side. The 150mm sliding range of the camera plate ensures optimal counterbalancing of camera set-ups of up to 22 kg (48 lbs). The 150mm Cine 30 HD fluid head is available with sideload and ARRI dovetail compatibility (payload of up to 35 kg/77 lbs with a 125mm C.O.G.).

All four fluid heads score with the Sachtler drag and offer seven horizontal and seven vertical grades of drag (+0). Features such as the phosphorescent touch bubble and the parking position for spare screws are the finishing touches. The Video 18 S1 as well as the Video 20 S1 and the Cine 7+7 HD can each be combined with Sachtler tripods from the 100mm range. The 100/150 adapter expands the range of selection to include the Cine 30 HD 150 mm tripods.