Sachtler delivers new FSB cell for small camcorders

The FSB Cell by Sachtler was a new battery concept for MiniDV and HDV cameras when it was first introduced at NAB 2007. It has been subsequently optimized following comprehensive field tests by product developers and selected users and is now shipping to customers.

The FSB Cell’s underside is fashioned like a camera plate and can be fastened onto Sachtler’s FSB fluid heads, ensuring secure locking and optimized handling features for the cameraman through the battery’s attached weight of 1.43lbs. By mounting the battery directly onto the fluid head, the FSB Cell’s weight increases stability without adversely influencing the balancing of the camera. This ensures steady and smooth pan and tilt movement.

Depending on the type of camera, an operating time of up to eight hours is guaranteed with the new battery. Additional gear, including the Reporter 8LED, the first LED on-camera light by Sachtler, can also be used.

Using a corresponding adapter cable, the battery can also be used to power cameras from Sony, Canon and Panasonic.

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