s2one introduces DTV transmitter system maintenance packages

s2one has developed several DTV transmitter system maintenance packages. The full-service broadcast consulting firm provides maintenance, service and training, while also assisting with any other needs for your entire DTV transmitter system.

Since additional transmitters may require more maintenance resources, s2one offers two maintenance packages to assist the broadcaster.

The DTV Essentials Package includes one visit per year to perform the following preventative maintenance:

  • Checking and calibrating the circuits that protect expensive components in the transmitter.
  • Checking the safety systems that protect personnel.
  • Analyzing samples of the cooling system water and of the oil from the main power supply.
  • Thermal profiling of the RF and electrical systems.
  • Radiation hazard check of the IOT assembly and RF system.
  • Performing routine adjustments
  • Providing limited service work according to the above analysis, not to include major repairs.

The Advanced Custom Maintenance Package is designed to fit a station's unique needs. A free quote and consultative session are available to design custom packages. Components that may be involved in the custom maintenance package are:

  • Testing of the transmission line and antenna system to locate possible problems early
  • Monitors transmitter signal quality, meter readings and other data from s2one's corporate office in real-time
  • Dynamic filament management to maximize tube life

For more information visit www.s2one.com/index.html.

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