Ruwido demonstrates remote control with keyboard

Austrian TV input device maker Ruwido showed some of its latest remote controls at ANGA Cable 2011 in Cologne, Germany, last week, including a device with retractable keyboard and one supporting tactile feedback.

The company’s new slider infrared input device features a retractable keyboard for dual interaction usage and is designed specifically for IPTV applications, as well as devices within over-the-top (OTT) or “wall-garden” internet services. It can also be used for social media applications where data input is possible. The slider remote has two keypads, one for conventional interaction with a specific device and the other a retractable alphanumeric keyboard for the input of letters, numbers and symbols.

The other notable new product from Ruwido is a remote control supporting tactile feedback, allowing viewers to push the moveable slide of an input device at different speeds. According to Ruwido, this gives an extra dimension to remote control, allowing users not just to convey binary instructions but also to speed things up or obtain more information from a program guide by persisting with a movement. The idea is that the user becomes tuned to the device and can obtain greater benefits from it over time.