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Russian TV Network, Path 1 Claim IPTV First

In the first instance of a TV network using a public Internet network to broadcast live and prerecorded programming, Russian TV network RTVI has begun regular network broadcasting from NewYork to Moscow and vice versa over UUNet bandwith using a Path 1 Cx1000 IP gateway product.

Path 1 Network targets the Cx1000 IP video gateway to broadcasters transporting real-time uncompressed/compressed video over IP networks, saying its low transmission cost can extend video content reach. Cx1000 gateways provide multicast and point-to-point transmission and reception and a way for exchanging digital video content by leveraging standard IP WANs and LANs.

"It's one thing to send video across a U.S. or European backbone, but to pass broadcast-quality video across a congested and under-maintained Russian infrastructure is just unbelievable," says Julius Feinstein. "We have been comparing a parallel satellite feed with the Path 1-conditioned IP feed and the Path 1 feed is much better quality ... There's no special provisions, it just works."

RTVI, owned by Overseas Media, broadcasts five channels of programming in Russian language via cable, satellite and fiber to approximately 4.5 million viewers in North America, Europe, North Africa, Australia and Israel. In 2003, Overseas Media plans to add links from New York to Tel Aviv, Israel and Frankfurt, Germany to their network.