RTS preconfigures communications systems for Beijing Olympics

The rackmount array will to be sent to China with the latest intercom equipment.
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RTS will provide a preconfigured rackmount array full of state-of-the-art communications equipment for use at this year’s Olympic Games in Beijing, China. RTS intercom gear has been used at various Olympic Games for more than 30 years.

The pretested rackmount array, or “RIB,” to be sent to China includes the latest intercom equipment and will serve as a worldwide communications center for the games. It will allow instant contact between a major broadcaster’s operations, headquarters and a number of remote locations.

RVON VoIP technology and RTS Intelligent Trunking Components make it possible for the RIB’s 600 potential users in Beijing to seamlessly connect with more than 30 of the broadcaster’s matrix frames worldwide.

The communications RIB for the Beijing Olympics includes 600 ports distributed over three RTS ADAM frames, DBX series Dualbus Expanders, KP-32 classic series key panels, RVON VoIP products, Intelligent Trunking Components with telephone interfaces as well as RTS two-wire line products.

A 16-channel AIO-16 card enables the massive number of ports the RIB supports. Installed directly into the ADAM matrix intercom system, the AIO-16 card provides 16 ports of audio I/O plus individual data for each card installed (up to 17 cards) in the system.

All of this connectivity is orchestrated through Windows-based RTS control software including AZedit, Trunkedit, RVONedit and Trunk Supervisor.

AZedit is a Windows-based configuration software program that provides online and offline configuration. This allows the user to manage multiple intercom systems, assign and reassign users to different ports and dynamically add intercom hardware to the system setup without jumper changes, rewiring or taking the system offline.

The Trunk Supervisor software is a trunking system management application. It offers real-time monitoring of trunk line status. The program can also remotely notify the user of predefined alarm events.

For more information, visit www.rtsintercoms.com.