RTS develops compact digital intercom frame

RTS Intercom Systems (www.rtsintercoms.com) has introduced the ADAM-M compact digital audio matrix frame, which offers the field-tested reliability of the company's ADAM platform in a compact 3RU matrix frame that supports eight interface cards and redundant master controllers.

The new ADAM-M is fully compatible with all existing ADAM cards, including the new MADI-16 Plus (also introduced at the NAB 2011 Show). When combined with the MADI-16 Plus, the ADAM-M can be configured with up to 224 ports. In addition to MADI, users now have the option of configuring a compact frame with AES, RVON and analog with full redundancy. These connectivity options save additional space and complexity by reducing the need for external crossconnect panels, greatly simplifying wiring.

The ADAM-M is designed to accommodate the next generation of intercom technologies. The backplane architecture supports higher performance I/O, and is fully capable of supporting 1000+ time slots for integration into full ADAM-based systems.

In addition, ADAM-M features a new contoured front panel that provides system status at a glance, including card activity, power status and cooling function. All removable components of the ADAM-M are hot swappable, making installation of a new master controller, replacing or maintaining cooling components and power supplies easy while causing no interruption to the system.