Rovi Hits Deployment of More Than Half-a-Million DTA Guides

SANTA CLARA, CALIF. and DENVER — Rovi announced the deployment of its guides on more than half-a-million standard and high-definition digital terminal adapters, or “DTAs.” As a result of commercial agreements with more than a dozen cable operators, including Armstrong, and Cablevision Argentina, as well as collaborations with equipment manufacturers such as Arris, Evolution Digital and Pace, Rovi is now providing its multi-featured TV programming guide to cable households throughout the U.S. and Latin America.

DTAs are devices that convert incoming digital signals into analog signals that can be viewed on older television sets. These devices are helping cable companies as they upgrade local systems from analog to digital and optimize bandwidth to support additional high-definition channels and high-speed data services. DTAs are also used to deliver services to more rooms in the home via secondary TVs that are not connected to advanced, digital set-top boxes. The guide provides subscribers detailed program information for their channel line-ups, access to parental controls and support for multiple languages.

Rovi plans to demonstrate DTA Guides for industry executives at the Cable Tech-Expo, in Denver, Colorado, Sept. 22-25, 2014.