Ross Video Making Donation to Help Australian Bushfires

OTTAWA—With the devastating bushfires that have been going on in the South and East coasts of Australia impacting people and wildlife, Ross Video has announced that it is making a donation to Australia’s Foundation for Rural and Regional Renewal organization to help with recovery efforts.

“Like many other companies, Ross has an office and employees in the region, as well as hundreds of partners, customers, family members and friends whose lives are being affected by this appalling natural disaster,” the company wrote in a press release.

Ross’ donation will go to the FRRR’s Disaster Resilience and Recovery Fund, which will help affected communities rebuild when the fires have passed.

“It’s impossible not to be shocked by the images we’ve seen from Australia,” said Ross CEO David Ross. “Moments like this compel us to help where we can, and our thoughts are with the people of Australia at this most difficult time.”

For more information on how to help Australia recover from the bushfires, visit FRRR’s website.