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Rohde & Schwarz to introduce MPEG-2 technologies, test and measurement concepts, portable test solutions, transmitters

Rohde & Schwarz will introduce the new XV7002 transposer/gap filler. The XV7002 complements the company’s low-power DVB-T transmitter family. It receives off-air signals directly from the master transmitter and re-broadcasts them either on the same frequency (SFN gap filler) or a new frequency (MFN converter). This saves comprehensive signal feeding and modulation.

The company also will unveil the NA7000 transmitter family, a new generation of liquid-cooled VHF transmitters for digital broadcasting. Transmitters are available in versions ranging from 0.9 KW to 3.6 KW.

Rohde & Schwarz will introduce the DVM MPEG-2 monitoring system, a digital transport stream monitor and analyzer. The DVM 100 allows simultaneous control of up to four transport streams at maximum data rates of 216 Mbit/s. By adding the DVM 120, it is possible to set up a scalable monitoring system with as many as 20 transport stream inputs.

The EFL100 test receiver is a TV tester specifically for service applications, providing a wide variety of measurement functions for all important broadcast standards encountered in analog and digital TV and FM radio.

See Rhode & Schwarz at IBC2003 in booth 8.250 or visit

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