RIST Forum Announces New Directors

(Image credit: RIST Forum)

CEREDIGION, U.K.—RIST Forum has appointed four new individuals as directors, as well as confirming a few others in key positions.

RIST Forum is tasked with promoting the Reliable Internet Stream Transport standard for transporting live video over unmanaged IP networks. The objective of the forum is for global adoption of the interoperable RIST protocol.

The newly appointed directors of the RIST Forum include Paul Atwell, president at Media Transport Solutions; Kieran Kunhya, CEO at Open Broadcast Systems; Adi Rozenberg, co-founder at VideoFlow; and John Wastcoat, senior vice president of alliances and marketing at Zixi. Jacob Kinsey, senior associate director for Cobalt Digital will remain in his position as a director, serving as the forum’s treasurer.

In addition, Arielle Slama, senior product marketing manager at Net Insight, and Suzana Brady, vice president of sales at Cobalt Digital, were voted to remain as co-chairs.

“Our focus for 2020 is to demonstrate this ground-breaking multivendor approach wherever we can,” said Ciro Noronha, RIST Forum president. Noronha said that this will be done in part through RIST-hosted plug-fests and demos.

RIST Forum also plans to attend the 2020 NAB Show, where it will be showcased in the Future of Delivery Zone, and the directors will participate in a full program of panel debates and presentations during the show.