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Richmarc Increases Fujinon Arsenal

Richmarc Productions, an Indianapolis-based full service production house has added another Fujinon HD lens to its optics inventory. The new HAc15X7.3 "Compact C" series variable-prime lens excels in wide shots and is being used for shoots in "close quarter" venues and other projects.

"With any zoom I am always concerned about the wide end and possibly needing a few primes just in case," said Rick Thompson, a partner in Richmarc. "Even at its widest end, the 15X has no distortion or loss around the edges, has the close focus we need, and performs like it’s wider than it is. With the 15X, we save money on rental lenses that may or may not get used."

Thompson commented that he selected the new cine-style lens after evaluating it at the NAB Show last year.

"The 15x variable prime is a powerful combination for us," Thompson said. "It delivers the high resolution, clarity, and performance of prime lenses with the versatility of a zoom lens. On set it means less time spent changing lenses or adjusting the camera to get a composition right and more time shooting fantastic pictures. We get more work done in less time."