Richland Buys L.A. Emmis Tower for Reported $6 Million

GLENDALE, CALIF.: Richland Towers added another structure to its collection serving the Los Angeles market. Tampa, Fla.-based Richland acquired the Flint Peak tower site formerly owned by Emmis Communications. Flint Peak is around 27 miles by windy road from Mt. Wilson, the venerable basin antenna farm serving the L.A. basin. Richland has three towers on Mt. Wilson.

“It is by far the best off-Mt. Wilson auxiliary facility in the Los Angeles market which we will enhance with both UHF and FM community antenna systems,” Richland’s David Denton said.

No transaction terms were disclosed, but Inside Radio reports that the 40-acre site sold for $6 million.

~ Deborah D. McAdams, Television Broadcast