Richland Acquires Phoenix Tower

TAMPA, FLA., and PHOENIX— Richland Towers says it has acquired a tower and building facility at South Mountain, Phoenix. The new site will complement Richland’s sister facility on Shaw Butte, which was purchased last year as an auxiliary facility for broadcasters as well as serving the two‐way, wireless, LPTV, and satellite radio markets, according to the company.

In March, Richland announced its acquisition of seven towers in five markets from Clear Channel. Those included Cleveland, Columbia, S.C.; Cedar Rapids, Iowa; West Palm Beach, Fla.; and Prospect, Conn.

Richland owns 44 broadcast towers ranging from 85 feet in Sedalia, Colo., to 2,000 feet in Sacramento, Calif. Richland also has a distributed broadcast facility in downtown Manhattan, N.Y.