RFS takes DSO to Neunkirchen

RFS has designed, installed and commissioned a broadband panel antenna system for the German city of Neunkirchen as part of plans for Germany's digital TV (DTV) switch-over.

Located in the Saarland region, the terrestrial broadcast system provides DTV coverage to metropolitan Neunkirchen and beyond. The RFS-supplied component, customised to suit the customer's needs, forms part of a complete six-channel DTV system provided by leading German radio and television broadcaster, Saarländischer Rundfunk (Saarland Broadcasting).

"The Neunkirchen digital broadcast system can accommodate up to six channels," said Hans-Peter Quade, RFS Area Product Manager for Broadcast and Defence Systems. "The RFS PVP panel array can also be used to broadcast DVB-H [Digital Video Broadcasting - Handheld], providing unparalleled flexibility to both broadcasters and users. Saarländischer Rundfunk's new antenna system is fully-equipped to provide mobile TV to the residents of Saarland."

The Neunkirchen site was one of the last in Germany to make the switch to digital and was brought online in record time.