RFS presents a link calculator budget

Radio Frequency Systems (RFS) has launched the Microwave Link Approach tool at www.rfsworld.com. This is an interactive calculator that provides an overview of major system components, and calculates its impact on the link power budget.

The Microwave Link Approach calculator can assist customers when selecting RF equipment.

Users can play with parameters such as antenna size, feeder type, and distance between sites to determine the right product mix. They can then move into the RFS System Design Wizard to complete the system design in more detail.

The link budget is designed to ensure that the power level available at the receiver (Pr) is sufficient to meet the manufacturer’s specified power sensitivity - the minimum signal for which the receiver will function.

The Microwave Link Approach tool calculates Pr based on the transmitter output power, the gain of the transmitting and receiving antennas, loss in the feeders on both sites (as applicable for different installation configurations), free space loss, attenuation due to rain and atmosphere, antenna polarization, frequency and link distance.

Each of these parameters is represented either graphically or through clearly defined windows.

The Microwave Link Approach tool can be accessed in the ‘Software Solutions’ section of the RFS Web site, RFS Tools, Software Applications, under the ‘Support’ menu.

For more information visit www.rfsworld.com.

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