RF Central Launches Digital Microwave Supply Company

RF Central announced its formation as a broadcast engineering services company after acquiring the communications equipment division of Winemiller Communications, including remote control traffic/weather cameras, fixed and portable microwave links and engineering services.

Jeff Winemiller founded Winemiller Communications in 1997 and sold it last year to PrimeMedical Services Inc. (PMSI), which also owns AK Specialty Vehicles and Frontline Communications. As part of the agreement to form RF Central, Winemiller resigned from his position as director of applied engineering and business development at WCI. He is a principal in RF Central and said the company will be the main supplier of digital microwave for broadcasters. "By purchasing the RF and remote-control camera divisions of WCI for the new company, we can build on our track record serving our customers in broadcast and government."

RF Central will continue to support WCI's installed base of cameras and microwave systems.