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Research and Markets: technological innovations fueling rapid growth in digital advertising

Research and Markets has announced the addition of the “Digital Advertising Market Growing Rapidly” report to its offering.

The digital advertising industry is experiencing remarkable growth as technological innovations fuel demand. The firm defined digital marketing as the practice of allowing marketers two-way and even one-on-one communication with consumers, potentially providing them with a very personal, customized experience.

Furthermore, the cost associated with digital advertising is considered to be much lower than the costs associated with traditional type of advertising, according to the report. Both effects — enhanced effectiveness and less cost — translate into a higher return on investment for digital marketing in comparison with advertising through traditional media.

With increasing entertainment, communication and media options, as well as a proliferation of devices that allow consumers to tune out advertising, marketers are expected to rely more on creative messaging that consumers will not want to skip, as well as advice on the best way to reach an increasingly fragmented target audience.

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