Report: Apple Devices Do the Most Streaming

SAN JOSE, CALIF. - If you’re streaming video, odds are you are watching it on an Apple device, according to the new report on online video viewing and browsing trends during Q1 of 2015 from Adobe Digital Index. Among the report’s findings include how Apple TV holds a major share of TV Everywhere viewing and that iOS devices, like the iPhone and iPad, represent the majority of unauthenticated mobile video viewing.

TV Everywhere viewing has seen a 282 percent growth year-over-year, with Apple TV doubling its share of premium video viewing since Q4 of 2014 from 5 percent to 10 percent, overtaking Roku in the process. Apple devices currently drive 62 percent of all authenticated pay-for-TV video views. It’s not just Apple that is growing, however; connected TV devices overall, which includes Roku and gaming systems like Xbox, saw their TV Everywhere share growth go from 6 percent to 24 percent YoY.

Apple’s iOS devices grew their viewing share lead from 43 percent to 47 percent. Invertly, desktop viewing has hit an all-time low, dropping from a 36 percent share to 14 percent YoY. Meanwhile, Android’s share saw no real growth, remaining around 15 percent.

Other findings in the report indicate that Apple isn’t on top in all departments, as Google’s Android and Chrome are growing faster than Apple’s Safari as the most popular web browser for online video viewing; Google is at 18 percent and Safari is at 15 percent. Also, on-demand viewing options like Netflix, HBO Go and Hulu has altered TV programming consumption trends.

View the full report from ADI here.