Reel FX selects Gepco cables for new production facility

Reel FX has wired its new production facility with Gepco audio and video cables
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The new location will use Gepco cables in its master control suite.

Reel FX, a production studio specializing in animation and visual effects, has purchased Gepco cables to wire its new 74,000sq ft Creative Studios facility.

The company purchased 57,000ft of Gepco’s VSD2001 HD coax cables, 1000ft of its MP1201 microphone cables, and 5000ft of DS604 high bandwidth AES/EBU digital audio multi-pair. Gepco also supplied the studios with microphone cables, RGB component video snakes, and eight channel D-Sub 25pin 110ohm AES/EBU multi-pin breakout cables.

The new facility features several animation workstations, render farms, recording studios with HD and surround sound capability. The new location will use the cables in its master control suite, which is connected throughout the entire building, including the visual effects and animation suites and recording studios.

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