RED overcomes EPIC bug

RED Digital Cinema, maker of high-end video production cameras, announced last week it has overcome a nasty bug that has held up the release of its new EPIC DSMC camera.

Jim Jannard, RED’s CEO, said his company has overcome the bug, and the 5K-capable EPIC camera will now be manufactured in the United States. Apparently, the company encountered problems finding a suitable manufacturer in China.

The delays pushed back the much-anticipated camera by an unspecified amount of time, but Jannard said the company is adamant that the new camera will be completely stable when it ships.

“The RED ONE is now one of the most reliable cameras in the industry (after a humble beginning),” Jannard wrote on the Internet. “EPIC will not be a step backward.”

The EPIC is a modular camera with a 5K RAW resolution sensor. With the capability to shoot high-resolution stills or full-motion video simultaneously, it records full resolution to 100 frames per second and has 13.5 stops of dynamic range.