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RealNetworks’ Glaser to keynote Next-Generation Advertising Super Session

Rob Glaser, chairman and CEO of RealNetworks, will deliver the keynote address at the Next-Generation Advertising Super Session Tuesday, April 20 at NAB2004.

Since founding RealNetworks in 1995, Glaser has pioneered the mass medium of Internet broadcasting. Over the years, RealNetworks has introduced its RealAudio, RealVideo, RealPlayer, RealJukebox and RealSystem technologies to enable the transition of television and radio to the Web.

Today more than 300 million consumers use RealNetworks' products to experience multimedia-rich entertainment online.

Glaser is also the founder and chairman of MusicNet, a joint venture between RealNetworks, AOL Time Warner, Bertelsmann and EMI Recorded Music. Formed in April 2001 and built upon RealNetworks' technology, MusicNet is the world's first legal, label digital distribution platform for streaming and downloading music. Prior to founding RealNetworks, Glaser worked for Microsoft from 1983 to 1993 in a number of executive positions, including vice president of Multimedia and Consumer Systems.

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