Rather and Rodman on Deck at HDNet

Two distinctly different talents will premiere soon on Mark Cuban's HDNet, starting on Oct. 24 with the tentative debut of "Dan Rather Reports." The former longtime CBS News anchor signed up with the fledging HD channel for an investigative journalism series recently, amid a flurry of national publicity.

Cuban said former NBA standout Dennis Rodman will also host what is described as a "makeover show" beginning in January. Speaking a few days ago to ad buyers in Manhattan at a meeting sponsored by Advertising Age, Cuban said Rather's first major project since he left CBS News in 2005 is an HD-enhanced news magazine that may remind viewers of "60 Minutes" in style and substance.

Cuban said the working date of Oct. 24 for the Rather premiere is based on the assumption that several details will come together in the next three weeks.

One of the unique aspects of Rather's program will be a small army of video stringers (about 70 at last count) around the world who will record various events, as well as feature material, using a variety of HD equipment and expertise.