Raketu melds IPTV, VOD service with social networking

Peer-to-peer IP communications service provider Raketu Communications has launched a beta of its Raketu.tv service, offering IPTV and video on demand, combined with a social networking service.

The new service is believed to be among the first that combines IPTV with social networking services, which will let users from around the world watch videos and streaming TV while interacting with one another over the company's peer-to-peer communications service.

Raketu has partnered with Media Global Intertainment to stream MGI content through Raketu. Content includes syndicated TV music video program "Fearless Music." Raketu also has signed a VOD content partnership with KlikVU.com, providing pay-for sports, horror, extreme wrestling, Brazilian models and soccer highlights.

Raketu curently has 750,000 consumers worldwide.

For more informaton, visit: www.raketu.com.