RAD Intercoms Helped Lock Down Super Bowl LIII Coverage

ATLANTA—CP Communications, with the help of Radio Active Designs’ UV-1G wireless intercom systems, covered the whole nine yards of Super Bowl LIII events, before, during and after the big game.

CP Communications was tapped with handling wireless audio transmission for pre-and post-game events handled by NFL Network, CBS Sports and ESPN. For that, company utilized nine UV-1G base stations and 40 RAD bodypacks.

The UV-1G wireless intercom systems feature bodypacks that operate in the VHF band. With Enhanced Narrow Band technology, the UV-1G offers RF channels with a bandwidth of 25 kHz similar audio characteristics of a traditional FM system. The system also provides roaming for 600 meters.

Other features that assisted CP Communications during their week-long productions included the scene change feature, which allows each pack up to 40 talk paths and the ability to communicate with 20 wired comm channels. There is also base linking for matrix-like functionality with up to 18 inputs/24 outputs and audio routing to/from packs. Users can also change belt pack parameters, including radio frequencies, button assignment, talk paths and audio channel via software with intuitive UI.

The RAD products were a key part of CP Communications’ coverage of Super Bowl events like Super Bowl Opening NIght and post-game ceremonies and shows.