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QuStream Gear Selected for MIRA Mobile Television Production Vehicle

MIRA Mobile Television has announced that the company has placed a large order with QuStream Corp. to supply Cheetah routing equipment and Integrity signal processing gear to outfit MIRA's latest high-definition vehicle, the M7HD.

QuStream's Cheetah routing equipment has been selected by MIRA Mobile Television for inclusion in MIRA's latest mobile production truck, the M7HD. The new production truck is one of several in the MIRA operation that is equipped for HD remote event origination. A Cheetah 288X HD/3G digital router was chosen, along with the Cheetah distributed audio system. The video matrix size is 288x576 and there's audio routing for 256 AES signals, in and out.

"M7HD will be the seventh truck in our fleet, but the first built around QuStream's routing and signal-processing technology", said Bill Duncan, MIRA's director of engineering. "Given QuStream's presence in the majority of major-company production trucks on the road and their commitment to customer satisfaction, we felt confident that using their gear will provide M7HD with the highest-quality infrastructure of any HD truck available."

Duncan commented that the Cheetah gear would provide a big savings in weight, rack space and power consumption. He said that audio interconnections would be done with CAT-5 cabling and that he foresaw the use of fiber for interfacing mobile units as well.

MIRA Mobile Television is based in the Pacific Northwest and has field shops in Portland, Ore,. and Vancouver, British Columbia.