Quintech introduces new series of RF matrix routing systems

Quintech Electronics has introduced its MRM Series of military-grade, high input level, programmable, non-blocking, full fan-out RF matrix routing systems. When fully integrated, they are configured to route any of four to 16 inputs to any number of four to 16 outputs.

MRM 0200 Series (20-200 MHz) covers both 70 and 140 MHz intermediate frequencies (IF). The MRM 1100 series covers 20-1100 MHz. The MRM 2500 series (800-2500 MHz) covers the satellite extended L-band, wireless AMPS, PCS, and GSM operating frequency ranges.

The MRM 0200 series has a P1dB of +12 dBm and the MRM 2500 series has a P1dB of +15 dBm. Both have a maximum survivable input of +20 dBm. Solid-state switching elements are used to provide long-term reliability and a 0 dB insertion loss makes it transparent to the signal path. Both series have a maximum total survivable input power of +20 dBm.

Other features include:

  • Quintech's Stack and Tier technology is designed to take up less rack space
  • Is controllable locally via front panel keypad or remotely via computer
  • Is compatible with most monitoring and control systems
  • Up to 10 additional remote controllers can be daisy-chained to the master
  • The rear panel design facilitates structured cable routing, eliminating confusing tangles of cable

For more information visit www.qecinc.com

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