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Quincy Media Relies on GatesAir for Spectrum Repack Needs

CINCINNATI—As Qunicy Media prepares for the spectrum repack, the company has announced a deal with GatesAir that will have the company provide transmitters, installation and commissioning services across Quincy’s TV station group. GatesAir’s ULXTE liquid-cooled UHF and VAXTE air-cooled VHF transmitters will be included as part of the deal; some existing GatesAir transmitters at select stations will be modified to meet new channel assignments.


Quincy uses GatesAir transmitters today across all of its stations. The new transmitters will help to simplify channel relocation and is expected to reduce utility costs and maintenance compared with Qunicy’s previously older RF technology.

GatesAir is also providing assistance in determining if existing transmitters can be channel-changed. Part of this process will include bringing in temporary backup transmitters to Quincy sites.

Brady Dreasler, corporate director of engineering for Quincy Media, believes that GatesAir’s XTE exciter present in the installed transmitters will help with Quincy’s eventual transition to ATSC 3.0.