QuickPlay Media’s Q3 growth in mobile video downloads, streams bodes well

In a predicted lackluster mobile TV market, growth is highest among clients accessing all mobile media types from one interface
QuickPlay reports that in Q3, mobile video downloads increased by 87 percent and video streams viewed grew 27 percent quarter-over-quarter.

QuickPlay Media's aggregate usage statistics from 15 representative QuickPlay-powered services during Q3 indicates steadily mounting consumer use of both mobile VOD and linear television. Increases in streaming video and video downloads by each unique user also reveals deeper user engagement with the medium, according to the company.

Total video downloads increased by more than 87 percent over the previous quarter, with average download per user growing by 42 percent to four per user/month.

Total video streams viewed grew 27 percent, with average streams per user increasing by 12 percent to 19.3 per user/month. The average stream duration came in at two minutes and 47 seconds

"Results were particularly strong for our customers that offer integrated clients, where all types of mobile media are available from one interface," said Wayne Purboo, president and CEO of QuickPlay Media. "This makes discovery and navigation considerably faster and easier for the end consumer. Convenient trial options and attractive pricing packages also contributed to strong uptake."

"The QuickPlay Media results are consistent with our research," said Lewis Ward, research manager of wireless communications research at IDC. "We estimate that the U.S. mobile TV/video market will increase from about 12 million subscribers and customers at the end of 2007 to nearly 28 million subscribers and customers by 2012."

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