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Quebec Public Broadcaster Taps Miranda for Digital Upgrades

Télé-Québec, a French language public education station for the Canadian province of Quebec, has installed a Miranda Kaleido-X expandable, multi-image display system in one of its production control rooms as part of an upgrade to its Montreal facilities.

The Kaleido-X replaces Télé-Québec’s previous monitor wall, which comprised 30 separate CRT screens. The new multi-image display system allows any of the room’s signals to be displayed across four LCD screens.

Télé-Québec is upgrading its entire facility in stages to eventually be able to handle digital, HD and 5.1 audio. The broadcaster is already using Miranda’s Densité signal conversion products and Imaging ranges in preparation for refurbishing the stations’ master control room, as well as another Kaleido-X system. The next upgrade is expected to be completed by December, ready for the launch of Télé-Québec’s HD programming. A third Kaleido-X has also been purchased for an additional production studio.