Proximity Centralizes NBC Graphics

Proximity is supplying its graphics integration, content management and workflow products to centralize graphics productions across 14 NBC-owned stations. NBC Television Stations Division is deploying Proximity's technology at a central hub location.

Within each station, the system provides format integration for graphics formats and platforms used for graphics creation within NBC; a Media Catalog of all graphics elements, including thumbnails and metadata, across the 14 stations; I-News integration for graphics browsing and drag-and-drop fulfillment of graphics templates; a graphics publishing system for converting and transferring requested graphics from a central location to a requesting station; and an integrated Order Management system for entering, tracking, verifying and fulfilling graphics requests between each station and the hub location.

Proximity says the technology works with similar software installed at NBC Designworks, CNBC and MSNBC and is integrated with FxDeko systems from Pinnacle. NBC notes that since the Proximity system was installed, stations' use of on-air graphics has increased from 25 percent to 200 percent.