Producer Mark Burnett to create new show incorporating real-time social media interaction

Mark Burnett, a major producer of reality television programming with hit shows including “Survivor” and “The Apprentice,” is teaming up with ACTV8, a technology company, to integrate television real-time with Apple iOS or Android mobile devices.

Viewers will be able to interact, socialize, consume, share and participate in real-time while watching Burnett’s show. ACTV8, he said, enables him to give the audience metadata, behind the scenes views, scoops and insights, social relevance, and connectivity.

“Today’s audience brings a whole new set of expectations from the shows they connect to and embrace,” he said. “ACTV8 allows our content to take a much more important and relevant position for consumption within the changing lifestyles of our viewers. This breakthrough technology serves to foster a world of ‘New Era TV Networks.’”

ACTV8 produces what it calls a “complete global media integration platform.” The platform synchronizes a user’s mobile device or tablet to any live or recorded video broadcast. It provides interactive content and also feeds viral hooks into Facebook and Twitter. This enables ACTV8 to deliver a host of program enhancements, line extensions, quizzes, trivia, gaming and sales experiences in conjunction with any TV programming.

“ACTV8 represents an altogether new model for digital media creation, interaction and distribution,” said CEO Brian Shuster. “It creates a world where viewers won’t skip branded messages and integration, because ACTV8 unlocks their value for consumers.”

Shuster said most major brands and TV industry executives acknowledge the DVR as a major obstacle facing the television medium today. And as the consumer adoption of the DVR grows, TV ad spot values decline. Solving that problem, he said, has been a major goal of ACTV8.