President Bush Proposes Cuts in Public Broadcasting

A spending plan sent by President George W. Bush to the U.S. Congress advocates a 13-percent reduction in funding to the Corporation for Public Broadcasting for next year, and a further $50 million cut from the budget for 2008.

The plan proposed by Bush eliminates $53.5 million from the $400 million previously approved for public TV and radio for 2007, and $50 million from the $400 million allocated for 2008.

In a statement, CPB president and CEO Patricia Harrison noted, “We at CPB are very disappointed by the funding levels for public broadcasting recommended in the President's budget. We understand the hard choices facing the Administration, Congress and the nation as hurricane reconstruction, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan continue and entitlement spending take up a growing share of federal dollars. Nevertheless, we believe greater investments in public broadcasting, a trusted source of information and essential educational services, create stronger connections to community.”

The CPB plans to work with public broadcasters across the U.S. to try to persuade Congress to restore the funds.