Pre-Games Engineering Conference in Beijing

Some of the world's most experienced television broadcast engineers were in Beijing earlier this month to share their expertise ahead of this summer's Olympics.

Beijing International Media Services Co. (BMC), hosted the group during a seven-day conference where the attendees discussed strategies to ensure that production services provided by BMC are the most technically advanced in the world.

BMC is an official Chinese–Australian joint venture between Beijing Television (?????, BTV) and Seven Network Australia, active since 2005 and specialized in providing services for broadcasters worldwide.

Having accomplished the global broadcast of numerous A1 Grand Prix motor races, the 2007 Live Earth concert in Shanghai and other events, BMC is now focusing on the Games of the XXIX Olympiad, offering live broadcasting sites complete with cameras, crew and SNG facilities, production offices, studio facilities, edit suites, accommodation transport and translators for broadcasters.

BMC Chief Operating Officer Gavin Romanis says the information gained during the conference was vital. Companies that sent engineers to the conference include Seven Network Australia, Globecast and Broadcast Services and Equipment (BSE) from Canada.